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Unique clue delivery systems designed for the theme and integrated into each game Environment.


The Game Master monitors the entire game in real time helping players with themed clues without the need to be told what you are struggling with/missing. 


Game Masters will give a "game wrap up" to highlight funny moments, accomplishments, evaluate team efforts and communication. This provides an explanation of the game highlights and demonstrates how to solve missed items.   


Themed photos with high-quality backdrops and props designed just for your theme. Photos are taken with group's camera and one from ours. After the game they are posted online and emailed to each player.


Michigan based call center available to answer any questions or concerns. Open seven days a week 8am -10 pm


Over four years in business. The first escape game In Michigan. Now with five locations to choose from including Orlando, Florida.


Head-to-head team games with our Ring Master's Den. Race for the best time! Up to 24 players split into two identical game rooms.


Have a larger group? Each building can service between 60-70 players simultaneously  

repeated about every two hours.


Michigan based non-franchised business. You wont see our games or processes anyplace else. Puzzles are custom designed in-house and not sold or offered for use to others.